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NKadmin | August 24, 2018

As the year unfold i understood why some relationship didnt work out. Why they have to end, it simply because of our life assignments. You might have gone through several relationship with the same outcomes.

Have you ever thought of your assignment in life, your purpose of Existence, Why you are here on Earth.

Some relationships dont match your purpose, they match someone else’s. This purpose can be in different areas not necessarily with a mic and a speaker. God can bring both of you together because He wants to save the next generation or whatever it may be.

So choose your relationships carefully, not every man or woman is fit for you. It doesn’t make them a bad person, but they can become obstacles and setbacks to your assignment in life. Which ever way they choose to leave you let them go.

Your Ex is human too and just because you left them or they left you doesn’t stop God from loving and Blessing them.

I pray God Himself orchestrate the Man or Woman that fits your purpose in Life. Austine Ochoche

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