Your Assignment – Austynlive

NKadmin | August 24, 2018

As the year unfold i understood why some relationship didnt work out. Why they have to end, it simply because of our life assignments. You might have gone through several relationship with the same outcomes. Have you ever thought of your assignment in life, your purpose of Existence, Why you […]


Blend in for what ? – The secret

NKadmin | July 17, 2018

The craziness in dressing that women nipples are now on sale for popular viewers choice award ,or the trend in which women wear clothes that give men assurance that come lie with me is nothing, or that women now get award for the most indecently dressed on red carpet,fashion trend […]


S for senses

NKadmin | December 11, 2017

  Heres a nugget by Ramblings of a Logophile Did you see the desperate ways I fought for your attention? I had no self respect cause for me the end justifies the means Did you feel the butterflies in my tummy, the fire in my blood, the flutter in my […]



NKadmin | November 25, 2017

Heres a nugget written by Emmanuel Kareem No man is an island when things are not going as planned or we’re just not feeling¬†that great we all need support and encouragement. Sometimes we do not let people in and we try to do it on our own thinking depending on […]



NKadmin | November 22, 2017

Here’s a Nugget written by Emmanuel Kareem One of the biggest challenges to peace of mind in this day and age is the tendency for worrying. Unfortunately, worrying can debilitate and paralyze us by draining our mental and physical resources often rendering us incapable of dealing with the situation at […]


5 Useful Practices to Start Your Day

NKadmin | November 21, 2017

  By Emmanuel Kareem   The way we start our day can largely determine how the day is going to turn out. We often start our day the wrong way and there by releasing negative vibes to the atmosphere.   Here I have put up some 5 useful practices to […]


Austine Ochoche – You and Your Mind

NKadmin | September 27, 2017

Your mind is like a gate or a door, if you leave it open uninvited visitors will come in. The quality of your life depends on the quality of information you feed your mind with daily. You are not different from the things you spend most of your time hearing […]

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